Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Servicing


This seminar will cover servicing and maintenance procedures as outlined in the NFPA Standards and UL listings for commercial restaurant hood and duct Fire Suppression Systems.

Amerex, Ansul, Kidde, Range Guard, Pyro-Chem, Protex, Ansul Auto Fry, Buckeye

  • Hands on Service of systems setup on displays
  • Liability concerns, record keeping and disclaimer letters
  • 41 inspection points referencing NFPA and IFC sections
  • NFPA requirements per 96-17-17A & 10
  • UL Standard - service company responsibility
  • Systems that no longer meet UL listings
  • Servicing tools and UL listed replacement parts, fusible links and money making and money saving tips

Certificates issued upon successful completion of the seminar including hands on application and written test. All training material is provided including a reference guide manual. This is a Training-Testing Certification and CEU seminar recognized by various States and Jurisdictions. In addition to our one day seminars FPC offers more extensive training on Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems call 888-670-2965 or e-mail info@fpcltd.com for more information.

Call 888-670-2965 for a registration form
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