Fire Extinguisher Technician Certification




 Fire Extinguisher

Training & Certification of Service Personnel

Per NFPA Standard # 10

for Fire Protection Companies - Same Day Training & Testing!


This seminar references the NFPA, ICC International Fire Code, OSHA, 

 and US-DOT requirements pertaining to fire extinguishers


The training and testing will include, fire extinguisher placement -- maintenance -- recharging and hydro-testing per NFPA-10 2007, 2010 & 2013 Editions & ICC-IFC



   How to identify Code Compliant markings on extinguishers

  How to identify obsolete extinguishers that no longer meet code

   Actual facility extinguisher placement

  Code requirements for service equipment, collars, labels and tags

   Hands on annual Maintenance on extinguishers

   Hands on internal evaluation- six year maintenance     

   Hands on Stored- Pressure Extinguisher Certified Recharge procedure

   Low-pressure hydrostatic testing procedures per NFPA and OSHA

   DOT requirements for hydro-testing low and high pressure extinguishers

   DOT HAZ-MAT 3 yr Training Regulations- including Function Specific

   DOT Security Awareness Training for Fire Protection Companies

NFPA, IFC and DOT Regulations Updates


Certificates meeting NFPA 10 requirements will be issued on successful completion of seminar and passing the test. Attendees will need to bring their own copy of NFPA 10. All other training material is provided.


In addition to our one day seminars FPC offers more extensive training on Fire Extinguishers call 888-670-2965 or e-mail info@fpcltd.com for more information.



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